Education & Training

We regularly organise further training courses. This is for the training and further education of all employees as well as for training purposes of other consultants, these are usually trustees as well as lawyers. Often the management or the board of directors our clients also make use of this service or have their personnel managers trained. Only when you really understand the social security system with all its facets you are able to implement them on a daily basis.
We offer further training in German as well as in English.

Impart knowledge

Adaptation of existing solutions

The majority of our clients already have there own risk protection. We explain the current solution, show what is "state of the art" on the market, inform about the differences and then, if desired, adapt the current solutions so that they are optimised within the possibilities. We then regularly adapt to any changes by means of the annual declarations and generally across all risk coverages in a rhythm of three to five years.

New risks, e.g. with start-ups

Everyday life is always and constantly changing. Partnerships are formed, the family grows and changes, new products or services are offered or our clients start there own business and suddenly find themselves in a different starting position than before. We provide a complete overview: founding, advising, supporting and insuring in such a way that the risks are still optimally covered in two, three or even five years.

Generation change

Existing things should always be maintained and preserved. In the transition from one generation to the next or in succession planning or the purchase of a company, this is not always so easy. Different knowledge, backgrounds, partnerships or even wishes come under scrutiny. We show what needs to be considered, how a change can take place in a regular and optimised manner and what opportunities arise from the changes.