KUBAG team members at the front

Peter B. Meier

Member of the Management Board

As an insurance broker in the third generation, I have imbibed the activity as a broker with my mother's milk, so to speak. My grandfather started his own business in 1926 and passed it on to my father. I have now also been on board for 30 years.

Sabine Donatsch


I am always there for our customers, checking the policies and invoices, updating the coverages for any improvements and support our customers in the event of a claim.

Ramona Stäheli

Claims specialist

Claims are my passion. I take care of everything from A-Z and provide regular feedback as a supplement. This allows us to close any gaps and holes in coverage through special agreements or adjustments to the employment contracts of our clients.

Trustees & Attorneys

National & International

Who can claim to know everything? For this reason, we have a network of trustees and lawyers whom we can call upon as needed. We also offer our resources to them and are their partner.

national & international network

Professionals in every area

Just as we ourselves are partners with other brokers, we ourselves also always use their expertise to optimise our solution. In this way, we ensure that our clients get the "freshest salad" available at the time.