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There is a lot to report, to put it in a nutshell:

100% Independent
100% Family owned
Holistic approach to risk and hedging, for private individuals as well as for companies, locally as well as internationally

Added value through cooperation with KUBAG

Your partner for insurance solutions & solutions around your business
The nose and the team make the difference. The skills and the possibilities change everything.
When you work with KUBAG, you receive a great deal of added value that often goes beyond the usual on the market. Here are a few of them:

your KUBAG contact

Each customer is assigned fixed to KUBAG team members. Depending on the complexity, we have three people involved: the account manager, an administrative employee for answering general questions and day-to-day changes, and in addition an employee for claims. They also represent each other.

A neutral contact for everything

You do not discuss all current risk benchmarks, the history, the near-claims or even the concrete claims as well as the planning of your future with an insurer or its representative, you do it with us. This means that we are available to you as a knowledge pool and you benefit from our experience. Because what others may have already done wrong once will therefore not be repeated.

Risk identification

The be-all and end-all of risk assessment is our understanding of what makes you tick and a related and correct recording of your key data. Only if we know exactly what you do we can fully address your needs. We pay attention to where you plan to be in two, three or even five years, so that our solution will still fit then.


With this information, we develop a strategy together with you. This is the basis for the procedure, which is agreed upon.

Risk and insurance architecture

With your benchmarks, the risks - either insured or not - can be e.g. a) customised in terms of cover contents, b) the various coverages are coordinated with each other and c) in addition, often are also costs saved. We take of all three areas and also record the key values.


As a rule, we offer various insurers depending on the type of risk and complexity of the transaction and compare price and performance. This compilation allows you to decide individually which insurer suits you best. Since the service contents are on paper "only", our documents list the coverage details, the differences to competitors or the changes in coverage in a direct comparison before and after, which can then be deepened and explained in a conversation.

Claims management

Strength in claims handling is extremely important to us. Already during the first telephone call or the first report, you will find out the exact procedure, the possible pitfalls, the time component and we will pass the case on to the insurer who is also responsible for it. In principle, everything is handled by us from start to finish and we therefore also deliver the service that we have discussed with each other in advance. In addition, we do not follow the "salami tactics" as the insurers like to do, but we give you a complete overview right from the start and request those documents that are important for the settlement of the case. We also stand up for you, because other market participants have no say in the matter, especially in the case of larger claims. The settlement is then done exclusively by employees of the insurance company's head office or, in the case of certain types of benefits, by experts or medical examiners. Here, you definitely need a trustworthy contact person at the same level as the insurance specialists are and or you will be quickly overwhelmed without one. Lawyers can help, but when they get involved, it's usually "all over". It is our claim to be able to help on the basis of our great wealth of experience and that is why support from start to finish is so important.

On site service

Proximity to the customer plays a different role today than it did a long time ago. We have found that it is not the proximity of the partners that is decisive, but their competence. Our customers, whether they are private, corporate or industrial, are located all over Europe and here especially in the DACH area (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), but also in other countries. A limitation is therefore very rare. And in the case of major losses, we are usually always on site, unchanged.


Wir haften für das was wir Ihnen vorgängig versprochen oder vereinbart haben. Bei anderen Marktteilnehmer ist dies in der Regel ganz anders. Überwiegend lernt man seinen Ansprechpartner über eine persönliche Empfehlung bzw. über seinen Treuhänder kennen oder denkt, dass es bei Vertretern im Versicherungsbereich eh keinen Unterschied gibt. Manchmal ist auch gar kein Ansprechpartner vorhanden, da die Deckung im Internet selber gestaltet wurde. Man ist also jeweils auf das Wissen seines Kontaktes angewiesen und das Nichtwissen wird einfach ausgeblendet, so nach dem Motto: Mein Freund ist Unternehmer, der muss es ja wissen, oder mein Treuhänder ist schon lange am Markt und betreut so viele andere Firmen, wenn er keine Übersicht hat, wer denn dann? Jeder hat seinen eigenen Stil und das ist auch gut so. Der KUBAG Anspruch, Empfehlungen auf faktenbasierten Gesamtübersichten zu erteilen und dann auch ohne Verpflichtungen zu platzieren, ist eher selten. Jede Beratung, insbesondere, wenn es keine tatsächliche Auswahl an Versicherer gibt, löst sehr selten eine Haftung aus. Denn die „Berater“ verkaufen dasjenige Produkt, welches sie auch vertreiben. Der Kunde akzeptiert das Produkt oder diejenige Lösung dann. Ob es dann jedoch die richtige Lösung für die Herausforderung ist, liegt dadurch beim Kunden. Bei uns ist das umgekehrt, denn Sie beauftragen uns Ihr Risiko abzusichern und wir haben die Aufgabe dieses korrekt zu platzieren (als Berater).

Costs, market overview and different insurers

We currently have a cooperation with over 300 service providers based in the DACH region. Almost exclusively, all of these partners are only allowed to operate in the country in which they are domiciled. Nevertheless, there are considerable differences in the services and costs. For your benefit we try to keep track of them.

KUBAG Information

KUBAG aims to present the most important key data of a topic in such a way that even laypersons or people without prior knowledge are provided with a basis for making decisions. We keep our customers informed through overviews, newsletters, information on trends in risk optimisation and also through the communication of topics such as general terms and conditions, terms of delivery, employment contracts, cash value benefits, VDSG/DSGVO, general terms and conditions etc.


Through our international programmes and coverages in various countries, we know the trends, which are predominantly laid in the USA or also in the Anglo-Saxon region. It takes some time for these to reach us here in Switzerland. Through the services that we know internationally and can then offer you locally, we find the best coverage and strategy for you.